Tech Gear Authority – Guest Posting Guidelines

Domain Stats

Moz Domain Authority: 35
Ahrefs Domain Rating: 52
Google search console links from: TechCrunch, Wikipedia, Engadget, Cnet, ZDNet, and Digital Trends.


  1. Your content must be tech or gadget related, and relevant in 2020.
  2. Your content must include links to other authority sites.
  3. Your content must be at least 700 words or more if it’s needed to cover the whole subject.
  4. You can include ONE link to your site in the body of the post.
  5. I will control the anchor text, and it won’t be your keyword.

How To Submit

Send me an email ( with “guest post” in the subject and give me a couple topic options to choose from.

I usually respond within 48 hours. I’ll let you know how to proceed.