What is Full HD 3D (FHD3D)?

With the introduction of 3D TVs, the consumer electronics industry in collaboration with the BluRay Disc Association (BDA) and the HDMI consortium have had to settle on a suitable, standardized format for the transmission of 3D content in HD. This of course is vital since a standardized format that has the backing of all the … Read more

What is Over-Under 3D (or Top and Bottom 3D)?

With 3D TVs and 3D content catching on in a big way in 2010 and leading into 2011, consumers have had to familiarize themselves with a lot of new terminology and jargon specific to 3D display technology and 3D content delivery. One area that is extremely confusing for consumers is that of 3D content formats … Read more

What is Side by Side 3D?

With consumer electronics pundits predicting the success of 3D HDTVs in a big way, consumers have been left confused with regards to the various 3D terminologies being thrown at them by 3D TV manufacturers. One of the common areas of confusion is with regards to 3D content, and how it is delivered to a 3D … Read more

3D HDMI Cable Guide

You have to admit that with the introduction of HDMI 1.4 specifications and all the changes on the hardware side with the release of new 3D TVs and 3D BluRay players every month, it feels more and more like you have to be a rocket scientist to get your 3D home-theater system up and running. … Read more